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There's just something about a leather tote bag.  It's a must have for the ever popular capsule wardrobe.  It's like a denim jacket, it just goes with everything.  

When Triumph Outpost was a brand new endeavor I knew I would be adding a tote bag to the mix early on.  After the initial design of the Globetrotter Passport Journal, I felt a sense of urgency to design a bag that would carry everything I needed for everyday life.  Now looking back it seems like an unlikely second design to compliment a passport wallet but hey, I was going for the essentials!  

Over the years I can't tell you how many of these classic totes have been made.  They are a consistent go-to for wholesale stockists, a favorite gift for moms and daughters and an ever popular Christmas gift.  I love them because they combine every aspect of making.  I get to use my sewing machine, but also hand sew the labels and rivet the handles.  With a roomy pocket for keys, phone, lip gloss and plenty of space inside for books, wallets, glasses, even a computer, you really can't find a more versatile yet simple bag.  The most fun is watching them age and break in.  It's why I love leather and I'll always love leather.  While my cloth bags whither on the coat hook and get dirty and worn out from use my leather bags just keep getting better and better.

  Everyday Tote Cinnamon

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