The Nomad has Arrived!

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Just in time for Mother's Day, the new 2019 Spring Nomad Collection has arrived!  Don't miss the unique designs that made it into this year's spring collection. 

The Nomad Crossbody first made its debut a few years ago and was quickly cast aside after realizing how much work went into it.  I know, I'm not supposed to say that but...really.  It was too much work to even think about producing on a larger scale.  It sat around in my studio and gathered dust for quite a while before a friend picked it up one day and asked if she could buy it.  It was that moment when I realized I couldn't live without it, I just HAD to figure out a way!  The rest is history!  

Why is it so hard to craft this bag you ask?  Well, to begin with, it is entirely hand sewn.  Actually, I can end with that too.  That's why.  Hand sewing is my passion - I love the feel of Horween's Dublin leather gliding through my fingers as I lace it up using Ritza Tiger thread.  I spend extra for these materials because I think it's worth it.  But yes, it takes time.  Over an hour of sewing alone per bag.  I love to sit and watch a movie, listen to a podcast or just drift into my own little world while sewing, it's therapeutic some might say.   After the bag is sewn, I cut the strap and add it, then put a finish on the leather to buff out any scuff marks from the sewing.  The end result is a tough, sleek, beautiful bag that is almost indestructible.  You just can't get the same result from a sewing machine! 

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