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Jill and I have been playing around with some brand new designs recently.  Some things that we've been wanting to try and some brand new ideas as well.  Like the true creatives we are, we've found ourselves lost and off track many times over the past couple of weeks trying to reign in our creative juices to actually produce something of substance.  To be honest, we were running in circles last week a little bit and I wasn't sure we would make the deadlines we had set for ourselves.  Like all new things, new designs come with complexities and unforeseen challenges to overcome along the way.  We ended our Monday work session a little deflated and unsure of where we were headed but I'm happy to report that by the end of the week we have some strong prototypes in hand!  I made a frantic text to our leather guys yesterday while Jill baked up some cookies for them and we were able to grab some leather we desperately needed after hours - it's always nice to have the entire warehouse to browse by ourselves....however we always end up spending more than we intended to! 

I'm excited to show off our new designs in the coming weeks.  There will be some surprises and some things that have been in the works for a long time.  Last summer we listened closely to all the things people were requesting and made note of any requests that we heard more than a few times.  I'm hopeful we are answering some of those requests in this next release.  The final touches, color choices and our collection name have yet to be decided on so if you have input for us please let us know!  

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