Wolverton Family Adoption Bracelet
Wolverton Family Adoption Bracelet
Wolverton Family Adoption Bracelet
Wolverton Family Adoption Bracelet
Wolverton Family Adoption Bracelet
Wolverton Family Adoption Bracelet
Wolverton Family Adoption Bracelet

Wolverton Family Adoption Bracelet

Adoption is a beautiful way to grow a family!  Now you can support families by purchasing a bracelet designed specifically for their adoption!  

Right now there is a 13 year old girl waiting for her family in a remote region of India.  She has waited years for them and they are working hard to bring her home.  


You can be a part of the Wolverton family's adoption journey by wearing a beautiful leather cuff with a Indian mandala design and the phrase 'chosen and dearly loved'.

Perfect for a friend struggling with hardship, a child learning who they are, or a reminder that you yourself are a treasured child of God. 

This beautiful bracelet was designed specifically with orphans in mind and the profit will go toward the Wolverton family's adoption fund. 

A note from the Wolvertons about their adoption:

"In the Spring of 2017, we sensed God’s clear invitation to step out in faith, trust him in new and even incomprehensible ways, and pursue adding to our family a very special little girl from NE India.
The journey has been incredible. Maddening. Mind blowing. Trust building.
God has continued to work in ways we could never have “asked or imagined” and now, absolutely miraculously, we find ourselves nearing the end of this adoption process season and are preparing to bring our girl home.
We are so beyond grateful, overwhelmed really, that God has invited us into this beautiful thing, as we begin to try and comprehend the story of our own adoptions. How God chose each of us, with a perfect and matchless love we can never fully grasp or understand, to be His child.
We know, without a doubt, that just as God dearly loved us and chose us to be grafted by adoption into His family, God chose our new daughter to be grafted into our family and she is so absolutely dearly loved.
We hope and pray that as you wear this bracelet you are not only blessed by the sweet reminder that you have been a part of our beautiful story, but that you begin to grasp the depth of the mysteries of God’s incredible, reckless love in pursuit of you, as well."

In addition to being beautiful, leather bracelets work as essential oil diffusers! Just add a drop of essential oil to the back of your cuff to turn it into a diffuser on the go!

Available in 6 sizes ranging from men's to child size, please be sure to measure your wrist prior to ordering.

Choose from two colors, Cognac or Tobacco

- Neutral design is great for men or women

- Classic brass snap closure

* A note about sizing: please measure your wrist prior to ordering and add 1" or more for the correct size.  

**Leather bracelets WILL stretch if they get wet.  If your bracelet arrives and it is too snug to close, gently run it under water and pull it closed around your wrist.  It will dry with a custom fit! Just be careful not to stretch it too much.