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When we first set out to design our 2022 summer collection we knew we wanted something colorful and different that would represent our PNW heritage.  With her passion for Pendleton wool, Jill had noticed that customers really responded to it in smaller pieces she had been doing.  Usually we associate wool with winter and felt cautious about launching a new line of products for summer that incorporated the new (to us) featured fabric however when we did a soft launch a couple of weeks before our official launch date we almost sold out!  We knew we were onto something.  

Along with the theme of honoring our PNW roots, we had a vision for a photo shoot that would 'wow' and roped our friends into bringing a horse up to a windy overlook in chilly March for a wild and crazy artistic endeavor.  In the moment we were freezing, our hair was windblown and it seemed like any minute things might go awry BUT what  came back to us after we got those photos back was fantastic!  It goes to show that a little perseverance and grit can produce something pretty magical when you see it through! 

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