Can You Believe It?

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Can you believe it's that time of year already?  It seems like yesterday when we were putting the finishing touches on our Spring Nomad Collection and getting it ready to launch.  The summer has flown by and now we're staring down Thanksgiving and Christmas already.  Are you ready? 

We're so excited to finally announce our free shipping option for orders over $50!  This has been something that we've been working toward for months and we knew you would love it.  We're hoping that it's a helpful little gift to you this holiday season:) 

Not only that, but we're really excited about our annual Black Friday BOGO sale coming soon!  It was so much fun last year we've decided to do it again.  So, set your alarm, mark your calendar, do whatever it takes to not miss out on this amazing event that only comes around once a year!  Stay tuned!  If you haven't signed up to get our emails now's the time to stay up with the latest and greatest news. 

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